The Case: What is the relationship between lengths of fingers on different individuals? For this I plan on selecting 30 individuals and measuring their middle and pinky fingers. I chose these two fingers because one is naturally the longest, and the other (the pinky) should be the shortest. The two variables with which I hope to find a relationship is the length in inches of the two fingers. In order to measure this, I will find people in my classes and at my work with whom I can measure of all different ages.

Hypothesis: The correlation between the two lengths will be high.

Association/Relationship between Variables: I expect to see from the sampling that there will be a ratio amongst the lengths of the two fingers.

Conclusion: The grouping of the data in my scatter plot shows really strong positive correlation between my variables, just as I assumed at the beginning of the experiment. The fact that r (the correlation coefficient)= .84 further supports the strong positive correlation. The one outlier that you see in the scatter plot that doesn’t appear to be related can be explained by the fact that the fingers in question belong to my ten month old grandson. The interesting part is though, even though it isn’t in the tight bunch of data up at the top of the graph, it is still close to the best fit line and isn’t that much of an outlier as far as the ratio of finger lengths goes. Overall, I was very satisfied with the way my scatter plot and data turned out. It was the exact high correlation that I had expected.